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Banking & Payment Field Marketingmanager

Asa Field Marketing Manager, you will generate demand in the marketplace for newservices and offers, identify and assess opportunities locally and adaptstandard offers accordingly. You will also define go-to-market strategy, offerdifferentiation, positioning and pitch in the region on new/innovative offers,and determine optimal pricing strategy.

A week in the life of a Field Marketing Manager:

Youwill define and implement marketing plan in area and key accounts

Youwill identify and assess opportunities in areas for short and mid-term andcapture new customers.

Youwill execute optimal pricing strategy.

Youwill define go-to-market strategy and offer differentiation, positioning andpitch in the region on new/innovative offers.

Youwill generate demand and grow revenue and market share in the marketplace fornew services and offers (e.g. solution and service).

Youwill manage alternative channels and build complimentary business partners.

Youwill collaborate to communications and key campaigns in areas and providefeedback loop with product lines on market / product development needs.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Todo this job, you must have understanding of a variety of marketing techniques,like market analysis, value proposition design, marketing proposal, opportunityresearch and etc. We would like someone to join our team who has strongunderstanding of smart cards, eBanking and payment, detailed understanding oflocal market.

Youmust be fluent in English.

Wewould like someone to join our team who has strong business mind, good communicationskills, customer-oriented, negotiation skills, innovative, challenge taking,team player, organized.

Youneed to have a Degree in Engineering with a minor in Business, or a Degree inBusiness with a minor in technology.

Weare looking for someone with 3-5 years of experience in marketing/businessdevelopment in a technology-based organization, particularly in banking andpayment industry.



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